December 23rd, 2015

A letter from Uganda NO.8

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   After visiting the equator, we headed to the National Masaka Central Hospital. The director of the hospital told us that the hospital was built in 1927 by the king of the age, which has a long history and biggest hospital of the around 8 states. Normally, there are about 2000 patients and 350 inpatients. Taking 3 years from 2009, Japan has donated to this hospital and built new ward and bought new machines. So the patients and inpatients increased. There are 18 doctors, 97 nurses, and 300 staffs in the hospital. Malaria and high-blood pressure is the main disease to check.
   The volunteer Mr. Kobayashi who works in this hospital has the qualification of Clinical Engineering Technologist (or Medical Engineer), so he helps the hospital by checking the machines and organizing tools (in the method of 5S, Japanese words for arrange, tidy up, clean, nurture, and sanitary) to improve the medical quality. Mr. Kobayashi told us that this hospital is free to use, but there are lack of medicine, or mistaken diagnosis caused by irresponsible check (for example, make diagnosis of malaria to every patient who has a head ache or stomach ache) , and other things which cannot happen in Japan. He also said that the thought of “Medical Service” doesn’t exist in Uganda, so he wanted to expand it.
   On the way to the hotel, we stopped at the market where they sell “Senene” (the glass hopper) since Masaka Area is famous for it. There were many types of cooked “Senene”, rare, fried, and roasted. We bought some after reducing price. The seller, who was a young lady, seemed very curious watching many Japanese buying “Senene”.
   Dinner was taken at Japanese Restaurant handing Katsu-don, Oyako-don and Ramen. This restaurant is served by Korean, but it tasted good, and the smell of soy sauce reminded that I am Japanese.


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