December 22nd, 2015

A letter from Uganda NO.6

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   In the AM, we visited Rainbow house which is supported under Ashinaga Uganda (Ashinaga Scholarship Society working in Uganda). Rainbow house is a school where children who lost their parents by HIV or other reasons. After we introduced our selves, we played with the Origami (paper folding craft), eat laver, played catch ball, and danced outside together with the children. Amazingly, there were 8 Japanese University students volunteering in Rainbow house. They all were taking a year of absence to the University and live together in the Rainbow house. One who wanted to be a teacher was helping teachers of the house, and one who is studying science was working in the nearby factory. We had the chance to talk with them.
   In this field work, we are able to see Japanese in so many places which we couldn’t imagine! It is very incentive for students to visit and see what Japanese are doing in Uganda, and also to learn how they think through the talk with them.

   The lunch was taken at the Uganda Restaurant. We ate mostly the same menu with yesterday, only steamed cassava and yam added. What we learned now is that there are no variations for Uganda dishes. The goat meat and potato kinds are very delicious, but we understand the word of JICA member saying “Eating same food in every dish makes us not to eat any”.
   In the afternoon, we visited the JICA office and asked many questions each other to learn about their works. Then we visited craft market and tried some price decreasing. Then we moved to Korean Restaurant to have dinner with JICA staff and volunteers. We heard about the love of volunteers which could not be taught under the daylight, and other stories to share, a fun time which makes us feel time past so fast.
   Tomorrow is the day to visit hospital.


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