December 21st, 2015

A letter from Uganda NO.5

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   We started our schedule with the visit to JICA Uganda office. We heard from Mr. Kawasumi the outline of JICA and about International Corporation (why it is important, who is in the project, each country’s characteristics (USA, Japan, Korea, and others) and so on). Since he taught us about it in many different ways of look, it was very informative. Every problem is not easy to solve, but by listening to his story, it made us to think how we should involve with the world, and what to do in our life time. He also encouraged us that acting/participating is very important because the information you got through your own feet is very valuable, so, since we stepped in to Uganda, look at many things as possible before going back to Japan.
   In the afternoon, we moved to National Crop Source Research Institute, and studied about rice project going on by JICA. In Uganda, rice was one of the familiar crops but demand has increased, for its easily cooking, many of them were imported. So this place is researching for developing more rice in Uganda. In the wide field, there grew “Nerica” (New rice for Africa) along with corn and cassava. We took Lunch at the Research Institute, its Uganda dishes was very familiar tasting for us Japanese, as we heard in the before-the-trip-training.
   We also enjoyed some communication with Ugandans at the market we stopped on the way to the hotel.


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