December 20th, 2015

A letter from Uganda NO.3

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   Today we had a baseball match against Uganda team. Before we start, we did some warm-up, catch ball, and knock fungoes. In the opening ceremony, we handed the gift of Baseball goods which we brought from Japan. Then the game started with the shout from Japanese team circle which must be the first ever shout in the Land of Africa “Ganbatte-ikimasshoi!” It was loud enough to reach the sky of Uganda. The Uganda team (Gayaza team) members were about 19 years old. The Japanese team (Matsuyama Higashi team) members are 8 of our students, 3 pupil helpers, and Mr. Okello, the pupil’s baseball manager who once played in Kobe’s pro-baseball team.
   Here is the headline of the match.
   Pitcher Fujimoto was caught in the beginning which scored 2-0 at the 2nd inning. But with the Kariyama’s homerun and others’ effort, we scored 4 points at the 3rd inning coming from behind. Pitcher Fujimoto and Aono’s great effort, we saved the 3rd and 4th inning on the score of 0. Then we changed the pitcher to the pupil at 5th inning. At that inning we lost 8 points and couldn’t recover it. The game ended at 4-10.
   After the match, we ate lunch together chatting about baseball and other things. We also took time with Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers who came to watch the game, which was a good chance for students to ask questions. In the end, we received T-shirt from Uganda team!
   Saying good bye to the baseball field, we visited to the house of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, living right near the baseball field to coach baseball team. The house was no water, no electricity (have the line but mostly out of power), and the cooperating toilet and showering place. We understood how it is hard to live in Uganda, which is too bad compared to Kenya as one of the volunteer told. Each day we learn a lot.


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