December 19th, 2015

A letter from Uganda NO.2

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   Today we visited the construction site of The New Nile Bridge Project. This project is done by the help of yen loan project of ODA, which is the biggest project going on in Uganda.
   The new bridge is now constructing 525 meters above from the old bridge which was constructed 60 years ago. The consulting company of this project is from Ehime, whom the director is a person who took part in constructing Shimanami Kaido (an expressway with 9 bridges to link to lands through islands over the sea). Also, the constructing company is a joint company of Zenitaka Co. from Japan and Hyundai Co. from Korea. The bridge is going to appeal on April 2018, now constructing foundation, to ramming the posts into the river.
   It was very interesting for us to see the global working place with many Japanese involve.

   After the construction site, we moved to source of River Nile. The spot is said to be a place where water comes apart from the Lake Victoria. We went to the spot by the boat. The water takes about 3 months to reach to Egypt and pour in to the Mediterranean Sea.
   On the way to the hotel, we stopped at Barbeque market on the road side, and ate burned banana, jackfruits, and others surrounded by many sellers. It was full of activity for today. Tomorrow is a baseball day!


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