December 14th, 2015

An Interim Presentation of 2015

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   Today, we had an Interim Presentation of 2015. This presentation started with piano played by Ms. Maki Kubo, who went to Nice (France) this summer for learning Music. The main presentation was made by 3 groups from 2nd grade, presenting about their research. Since this is an interim report, presentation concluded with what they will do until the last presentation on March 3rd. Then, we took time for poster session, presenting all research done in 2nd grade SG course, using one or several posters. Since 1st grade is also going to make posters on March 3rd, 1st grade was walking around and making questions to the researcher. In the end, there was also a presentation from Ms. Chihiro Nagaoka, who spent a month in Italy this summer for learning architectonics.
   This Interim Presentation is mainly for 1st grade to make image of what to do for next 2 months, and also a preparation for 2nd grade to make presentation on March.


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