December 3rd, 2015

Practicing Baseball for Uganda FW

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   In our schedule of Uganda field work, from Dec. 17 to Dec. 27, we are going to have a baseball game with Uganda team. This game will be held at the baseball field constructed by the help of Cultural Grant Assistance, part of our ODA project.
   As a preparation for the game, we had a practice with 8 participant students and teacher Mr. Iwaki, who was in a baseball club when he was in high school. This was the only chance to check our teamwork. The practice started with catching, next knock fungoes, and last was batting. Many curious or amazing plays to be seen, a girl ringing the bat with a great long hit, baseball club member showing a surprising solid glove, and a boy who couldn’t even touch the ball with the bat because of lack of experience. When Mr. Iwaki advised the boy to “put the bat on your shoulder”, and soon he was able to hit with a ball with a surprising sound!


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