May 1st, 2015

How to research Global Companies

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    Today's Global Meikyo Class is a lesson from Mr. Yamato Sato, a professor of Faculty of commerce in Keio University.First theme was “What is being global mean?” and second theme was “How to research a global company ~ an important point of view to check”.

    The pictures below was taken during the Q&A. There were many questions, like “How can we found a company?”, and it ended up with lack of time. Let me show you one of it.

Q:“Since the companies we usually see is in business of “B to C” (Business to customer), we feel that number of “B to C” company is larger than those of “B to B”. But actually, 80% of the listed company in Tokyo Stock Exchange, is “B to B” (Business to Business). Could you tell us the reason?”

A:“ “B to B” companies does not need exploitation to raise customers' knowledge about them. For example, the company making mike's component, doesn't sell the mike itself. That is because the business is divided in to each specialized work. Since they are specialized, the customers can't able to get an information about “B to B” companies.”

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