October 26th, 2015

Home Visit

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   On Oct. 24th, two trainees, both from Africa under the Training Program for Young Leaders of JICA, visited our students’ home. Home visit is a kind of home stay, without staying. Two students and their family whom welcomed each trainee had a very interesting experience. Down below is comments from the students.

♦At first, I was worried about communicating in English, but as a matter of fact, I was able to have conversation, even though I sometimes was stuck for what to say, and able to explain about Matsuyama. It was a fun day! This was my first experience to speak English all day long, and I think my English skill has been trained well. My family, whom was a first time to meet a foreigner, also said it was a good experience, so I feel that accepting a home visit was a good decision. Now a global wind is blowing in my house!

♦In the beginning, I was confused because I didn’t had a chance to have communication with a person from Africa. The woman I welcomed was from Nigeria, so I researched about the country before her visit, but couldn’t understand well, which made me afraid whether she could enjoy or not. Although, she was a very peppy person, she was excited at an automaton clock on Dogo, foot bath, and Yoroi (Japanese armor) wearing at Matsuyama castle. I was glad she seems to have fun all day! When she took Purikura photo, she was amazed at the photo which made her eyes bigger. She seems to be interested in Purikura photo, because she said “I hope I have it in my country”. While moving to each places, she asked me about prices of cars and smart phones, related to her government-affiliated work. As for the foods, it didn’t seem to suit her but she liked the Pom juice (juice of Orange and Mandarin Orange, famous juice made in Ehime).
   Through this experience, I thought that I still don’t know well about Africa. From now on, I would like to look more to the world, especially the countries in Africa.


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