August 22nd, 2015

Internet meeting with Freiburg

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   There was an internet meeting with the eco-station of Freiburg in Germany at one of the Matsuyama city’s recycling center, “Recycle-kan”, and 2 of our student participated. Our students were able to participate on this meeting by the help of Ms. Yamashita, who is teaching in our research program of SGH curriculum, and staff members of Matsuyama city office.

   The theme of the meeting was “Thinking about environment from culture and habit of food in Japan and Germany”. In the meeting, after each other’s introduction, they took almost 2 hours (1hour and 50 min.) listening and asking questions about ①introduction of eco-station in Freiburg, ②explanation about the food and environment research program going on in eco-station, ③food culture of Germany and others.

   The efforts challenged in Freiburg were very interesting, which reminds us that the city is known as for its high standard of living and advanced environmental practices. For instance, they teach in elementary school about how to decrease plastic trashes, or they have planned a program to learn about food habit and environment by using, cooking, and eating vegetables cultivated in eco-station. It seemed to be a interesting meeting for our 2 students, they were questioning many things related to their research. Maybe 2 hours were short for them.


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