December 25th, 2018

Fair Trade at Christmas Time

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   The SGH club engages in expanding the idea of “Fair Trade”― an approach encouraging consumers to buy products for appropriate values to protect their producers― on such occasions as school cultural festival, Christmas time, Valentine’s Day, etc. The prices in fair trade are usually set a little higher, but we can contribute to the protection of producers around the world just by picking up their products. Fair trade is a kind of “social contribution”, which everyone can put into practice more easily than investments or monetary contributions. From a different perspective, fair trade can be said to be a wonderful practice where the activity of buying something, or feeling happy through this activity, lies on the happiness of other people.
   The SGH club members organized “Fair Trade” on Dec.19. They sold a lot of products, including handicrafts produced in Southeast Asian countries. Many people came to the trade and bought many of them. Thank you very much!


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