August 17th, 2015

A letter from Firenze

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   A student having study at Firenze, Italy as a “TOBITATE JAPAN” project has sent us some comments for the stay. From her email, we could imagine she is having a wonderful experience in Firenze. “My study tour for 1 month is now almost over and 10 days left for now. How is everyone doing in this summer vacation? Here in Firenze, the temperature is almost same as Japan, but it’s more dry and hard sunlight which is a bit hard for me. The school I am attending is a language school so I am the only one high-school age student. There is a large age difference in between other students, but classmates and teachers are very kind to me and I am having fun learning Italian, which is very difficult. The class of Architecture and Interior design is also very fun. I am feeling the happiness of studying my favorite thing in my favorite place. It is a dreamy time having stay in Firenze, a town like an art museum. I will enjoy the happiness of this study and try more hard until the last day. Please enjoy your little remaining summer vacation!”


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