December 14th, 2018

Letter from Uganda No5

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   On December 13th, we visited Embassy of Japan in Uganda to meet with Kazuaki Kameda, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Uganda. In the meeting, our students explained what they had done about this fieldwork before leaving Japan, what they had done so far in Uganda and what change about themselves they experienced through this FW. At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Kameda gave some advice to the students, saying, “In this information-oriented society, it is sometimes very important not only to check information on the web but to actually see it with our eyes. Also, looking at Japan from foreign countries gives us a good chance to see Japan from a different perspective.” The meeting was a great time for our students and we greatly thank Mr. Kameda for making time for us.
   We also had a chance to visit the home of our guide, Mr. Francis. He introduced his wife to us, and cooked us mangoes taken from the mango tree in his garden. It was our first experience to bite fresh mangoes! During this stay, we realized how wealthy and convenient our usual days in Japan are. We have to appreciate a lot of things around us.
   Time passes so quickly, and our stay in Uganda is now coming to the end. We are at the airport, waiting for our flight to Dubai. When we are back to Japan, we will surely begin to see Japan in a different way.


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