December 13th, 2018

Letter from Uganda No4

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   On December 12th, we visited Watoto Subbi Village, a village for children with no parents. We were amazed at its great environment. One staff member said, “Whether they are blood-related or not, we raise our kids in the same way with the same affection”. We were greatly impressed by his words. Then, we volunteered to play with babies at the baby home. We had a great time there, and we hope these babies will grow up to wear lots of smiles.
   After we left the baby home, we went to see “Sustainable Project.” In this project, people breed and feed goats have their milk. Then, we went back to the school and met a student, Grace, at the cloth making room. She told us how to use a sewing machine, and then let us know her dream of being a designer. In the lunch time, some teachers and students joined us, and we enjoyed the traditional Uganda meals they had prepared for us together! We had a great time eating and chatting.
   It was really great spending time in Watoto Subbi Village. At the very end of our stay there, the principal gave us very impressive remarks, which goes: “First comes the heart, and then comes the mind, and finally comes the body. This is why we are working hard on the education of the heart. The children here were discarded by the society before coming here, but we Watoto is here to first educate them with love, endow them with skills to work or train them to prepare for entering colleges, and nurture them to become people who can contribute to society.”
   Tomorrow is our last day in Uganda. Some of us look tired, but we are all healthy and doing fine. We’ll do our best to make tomorrow more meaningful!


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