December 12th, 2018

Letter from Uganda No2

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   On December 10th, we learned about JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and what they are doing in Uganda, at the JICA office there. When we were given explanations from 3 staff members about their work, we were all overwhelmed by their ambitions. Our students were greatly moved by their sincere attitudes toward their work, and they asked so many questions to them that we had to extend the question-and-answer session by one hour!
   After lunch, we moved to a bridge constructed with the financial help of ODA from Japan. Seeing a large number of cars running on the bridge and many people coming to see such an enormous construction, we were able to see that the bridge had become a “bridge of hope” for the local people. JICA staff members told us that they make the best use of Japanese technology in building the bridge, paying attention to the environments, creating “Road Station” to make it a hub for local tourism, etc., and we were able to learn that JICA staff members are filled with big ambitions. This was the day when we couldn’t help but feel proud of the JICA staff members as Japanese.


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