December 10th, 2018

Ehime High School Research Presentation on International Education

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   On December 5th, Ehime High School Research Presentation on International Education was held at Iyo Agricultural High School. In this event, the participants make presentations on their research into international problems or crosscultural exchanges. From our school, three SGH club members made their respective presentations. 2nd-year Aoi Yanagi said in her presentation, “We are given a high-quality education, and yet we decrease its value because of lack of enthusiasm.” She said she noticed this fact through exchanges with people from developing countries in SGH club activities. Yanagi san was awarded the Best Presentation Award.
   Another 2nd-year Yu Utsunomiya made a presentation about “Woman revolution.” She suggested in her presentation that a good society for women should also be a good one for both men and those in the minorities. Also, 1st-year Kim Hee-jing from Korea made a speech in fluent Japanese about her stay in Japan. She strongly said, “Let’s do what we can do only today with all our might!”


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