August 13th, 2015

Impressions from participants of Taiwan Field Work

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   We received all reports from the participants of Taiwan Field Work. Down below is their impressions about the field work. They seem to have a meaningful experience. For further report, we will be making a debriefing session in September 3rd starting on 14:00 at Hall in 4th floor of Shiki museum. ( This session will be an open session, so not only students but parents and other people are welcome.


♦Student impressions♦


  ♦Thorough visiting Japanese companies in Taiwan, I understand that understanding and confirming to the culture and way of thinking of that country or area is very important when expanding business globally. Although, I learned from them that you will also need a strong desire to commit company’s strategy such as “we are the best in on safety and environment-friendliness in the world”, or you cannot make it real.
I was able to feel the kindness of Taiwanese and their way of thinking, which is different from us, as well as the good points of Japan and Japanese. To grow up as a global leader, I think not only English skill but Chinese skill is also important. I would apply what I have learned in Taiwan to life from tomorrow. At last, I want to thank every person who have involved in this field work.


  ♦“You can’t do something globally if you can’t do it with Japanese.” “Being shy is OK but hating human is prohibited.” Communication is necessary when working together not only because you are Japanese and the other is foreigner but because both are human. I thought that it is important as a global leader to have a skill having discussion as many as possible with all your effort, repeat seeking and challenging, until it is accepted.
I would like to thank all the people, those who introduced us their companies, Ms. Tsai our guide, teachers who prepared and led us, and my parents who never went out of Japan.


  ♦①Kainan University…By communicating with university students, I was able to feel the cultural difference between Japan and Taiwan. I was also inspired by his attitude of learning different language and explaining attractiveness of Taiwan. I was able to feel the good points of Japan too.

②Shoukaiseki…I only saw him in textbook. I was able to learn history of Taiwan.

③Visiting Japanese companies in Taiwan…It was a meaningful time for me to have conversation with a person working outside Japan. I learned that having communication until both agree is very important. Also to learn not only the language but culture and nationality is important. By participating on this field work, I now have a will to learn more. And in the future, I want to work globally as a global person.


  ♦I was able to experience so many important things. I wanted to be a global person since I saw Japanese working hard in Taiwan and trusted by local coworkers. This was my first trip outside Japan, and I feel happy it was Taiwan. When I have opportunity, I would like to go to another country.


  ♦Through the visit in Japanese companies in Taiwan, I was able to hear from people who are now working abroad. They taught us the important points when working with people from other countries, and their experiments about cultural differences, which was valuable for me because I want to work abroad in the future. I also felt the connection over country by having relationship with University students. I will apply this experience to the rest of school life and future.


  ♦Taiwan was the second country I visited. The first was Germany. From both experience, what you need is your effort to talk and make questions aggressively from yourself to have communication. Of course language skill is needed, but moreover, if you have a strong will to communicate, you can do it with some gestures to support your language skill. Each country has differs in its own physical attribute, language, behavior, and culture, but I think there is common points across the countries. That is the feeling to care about other people. There are different ways to express their feelings, but the feeling of caring other people is common in any place. I want to go to more other countries and I want my dream come true.


  ♦I want to know more about the world, so I went to Taiwan, and I learned a lot what I cannot find when I was in Japan. When I arrived at Taiwan, it was full of differences. Smell, literature, traffic rules, foods, everything was different as I was imaging. Until then, I was thinking that understanding different culture is important through lessons and field work in Japan. But when I entered into the place full of differences, now I found myself searching similarities. I thought it is very sad to make a line between “my culture” and “your culture”. When you find similarities instead of just saying “It’s different from Japan”, you can feel relationship with the country and you will like it, which means you can understand the culture. When I work in a global world, I may stand to a cultural barrier, but the idea of “understanding culture” which I learned in Taiwan, I think I can overcome.


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