November 6th, 2018

Participating in English Speech Contest

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   On November 4th, four of our students took part in an English speech contest sponsored by Matsuyama Higashi Rotary Club. The participants in the contest stated their own opinions on various topics, such as healthy beauty, environmental problems and abnormal weather, the poverty in Africa, coexistence with animals, etc. Our students did a wonderful job, resulting in our 2nd-year Ms. Iwai winning third prize, and our 1st-year Mr. Miyamoto and our 2nd-years Ms. Tsujita and Ms. Watanabe winning the outstanding prize respectively. One of the judges gave praise to the participants, saying the level of the speeches this year was very high and that the participants had been able to “speak in English” rather than “speak English.”
   The speeches of all our four students were very wonderful. They must have spent a lot of time and energy preparing their speeches. Well done!


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