August 30th, 2018

Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies

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   On August 30, the Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies was held at Shiki Memorial Museum. In the Session, five groups -Adelaide Language Study group, Taiwan Fieldwork group, the Philippines Fieldwork group, TOBITATE JAPAN Study Abroad group, and the Japan Future Leaders School group- made very interesting presentations on their respective programs. After all the presentations were over, Mr. Narabayashi, a commentator and professor of Ehime University, told the students that it is important to have various experiences in foreign countries, but it is also important to try to make use of what they have learned through their programs in their daily life and to prepare well before an overseas study tour.
   All the students shared the overseas experiences of those who studied abroad. We hope they will put into practice what they learned today in their school life and become more global-minded in their everyday life.


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