August 26th, 2018

Taking Part in Chugoku and Shikoku Region SGH Presentation Session

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   On July 21, four students from our SGH club took part in the Chugoku and Shikoku Region SGH Presentation Session, sponcered by Tokushima Joto Senior High School and held at Tokugin Tomony Plaza in Tokushima. The session started with a keynote lecture by Mr. Masanobu Kiyoka, a member of JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency). After that, three participating schools - Tokushima Joto Senior High School, Okayama Joto Senior High School, and our school - made presentations. Our students’ presentation was made titiled “Why do the Japanese apologize so much?”
   After presentations, they had a symposium under the theme: “What should a global-minded person be like?” in which two of our students stated their opinions confidently. The day turned out to be a stimulating one filled with presentation in English and interactions with students from other high schools. We greatly thank Tokushima Joto Senior High School for their well-planned organizations and preparations.


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