August 8th, 2018

Letter from Taiwan No2

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   We visited three companies in the city today.
   First, we visited Renga Food Company, which distributes lunchboxes or sweets to convenience stores, local stores, etc., in Taiwan. The head of its factory, a female, manages it using the Japanese education style and the management methods of the Japanese companies as reference.
   Next we visited Taipei Branch of Mizuho Bank Ltd. Some bankers gave us an easy-to-understand lecture on what services the Japanese megabank gives to people in Taiwan, some of the difficulties the bank has in the operation here, complicated economical stories, and the like.
   We went on to Taiwan Miura Co. Ltd, for our last visit. Miura, one of the largest and the best-known companies in Ehime, has successfully made inroads into the lives of people in Taiwan, and we were able to see today that it is developing further and further. The staff members encouraged us to go forward, saying, “You cannot make it unless you try!” and “Stay healthy both physically and mentally!” We are being able to positively take part in these activities and ask a lot of questions. We will try our best tomorrow as well!


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