February 19th, 2018

Fair Trade on Valentine Day

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   Our SGH club organizes events to promote fair trade three times a year. On February 14th, they held “Fair trade on Valentine’s Day” event and sold five kinds of fair trade chocolates.
   In Japan, daily necessities or food produced in developing countries are sometimes sold at incredibly low prices. On the other hand, in the developing countries producing those goods, in order to keep the prices low, their producers are not appropriately paid, or too many agricultural chemicals are used, causing environmental destruction and doing people harm.
   Fair trade is not the same as fund-raising, where the relation of givers and takers arises. Fair trade makes everyone happy; it makes those who buy chocolates happy, and also helps those who produce cacao improve their lives and become happy.
   We would like to keep such a win-win and kind-hearted international contribution for long in the future as well. Thank you very much for standing in a long line and buying our fair trade chocolates!


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