November 10th, 2017

Letter from Germany Day 1

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   Our fieldwork activities started here in Freiburg. We first walked through Munster Market, learning about the locavore culture there, which has lasted since the Middle Ages. Then we moved to Freiburg City Office, and was given a lecture about the ecological policy of the city. We asked questions and exchanged opinions with each other, thinking about how we could apply such policies to our city. It was a very fulfilling time on a high level.
   In the afternoon, we visited Freiburg University and Richard Fehrenbach Gewerbeschule, a technical high school. In Richard Fehrenbach Gewerbeschule, we were shown their latest research on renewable power sources. It was a very precious experience since we were able to see and touch the operating room and their tools.
   We are looking forward to various activities due on tomorrow!


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