November 19th, 2017

International Day

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   SGH Club held International Day of This Month on Saturday and we had a very special guest. Mr.Derek Waters, who is none other than the husband of our ALT, Tehya!
   Our International Day usually starts with the presentation of our school. On this day, first graders made their debut as a presenter and they did pretty well on this opening task!
   After that, it was Derek’s turn to give a presentation on Alaska, his “home state”.
We learned amazing facts about Alaska, such as it being five times the size of Japan with as many residents as Matsuyama, abundant in wildlife and ocean life, and warmer inside a house than in Japan. For every question from the students, Derek said,“Good question!”, which was really encouraging.
   Then, members who participated in Uganda Fieldwork talked about their trip and what was the most surprising thing to them about Uganda, showing pictures.

   Every International Day has one special activity students and the guest(s) enjoy together and this time, we baked pancakes! Pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate, honey, brown sugar syrup(“Kuromitsu”), or(and) even “Anko” (sweetened bean paste)!We had every possible topping we could ever think of! It was such a fun day!

   And let us inform that International Day event is open to every student and you are more than welcome to join us!
   We put up a poster of the event in your classroom ahead of time so that you will know when it will be held. If you have even the slightest interest in different cultures,people from different countries, or English, please come and have fun together!


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