November 11th, 2017

Letter from Uganda Day 4

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   Each day on this field work is full of discovery and learning, but today was special!
   We first visited a construction site. A new bridge is under construction over the Nile with the financial help of ODA from Japan. We rode on a boat and sailed down the river, listening to the explanations from Mr. Kawasumi, JICA head officer, about the importance of this bridge in terms of commodity distribution and economic growth in East Africa. We asked him what effects this construction has on Nile’s ecological system. He said that there is a strict regulation about this construction imposed by the Uganda government, that they must make utmost efforts not to leave bad effects on the communities along the River and future generations. He went on to say that they are trying to learn from the mistakes made in the past that damaged the environments.
   In the afternoon, we joined the PE class of a JICA staff member, Mr. Shiraishi, also from Ehime, and played dodgeball together with the local students! At the end of the class, we introduced Japan to the students, using our handmade map of Japan. We were very happy to hear the students say, “Please put the map on the wall in our classroom!”
   We also visited a school for teachers, where Mr. Ishizaka, a senior volunteer worker, is working. We first looked around the school guided by members of the student council. Then we had an interactive activity at the main hall. We were overwhelmed by so many students! It was fun introducing ourselves and our school, singing our Kimigayo national anthem (which was a request from them), and asking a lot of questions to each other! We became so close it was very hard for us to leave.
From the two schools we visited, we understand from the words and the faces of the students and the teachers there how greatly Mr. Shiraishi and Mr. Ishizaka were welcomed and needed.. They really were good role models for our students to think about their future career. It was a very good experience for our students to see international cooperation with their own eyes in the two fields of economical and technical cooperation. This memorable and wonderful experience will ever last in the minds of our students throughout their lives.


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