November 8th, 2017

Letter from Uganda Day 2

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   Our 2nd day in Uganda started smoothly. Everyone looked good and had good appetites, eating plenty of breakfast!
   We first visited the JICA office, and listened to a lecture about the outline of JICA’s programs from Mr. Kawasumi, our Senpai alumunus and Chief Representative of the office. He said that private companies are playing bigger roles in terms of developmental aids, which gave us a chance to see international cooperation from a different point of view.
   Then we visited Khadafy Mosque. Our guide explained to us that the Mosque was named after Col Muhammad Khalid Khan because it was built on his donation. The guide went on to explain the seven hills surrounding the city of Kampala.
   For lunch, we enjoyed local foods, including Matoke, a side dish cooked from bananas, and Posho, a main dish made from corn.
   Our last visit on the day was to the equator. We did the well-known Coriolis experimenton the three spots – in the Southern Hemisphere, in the Northern Hemisphere, and on the equator. When the Coriolis force was proved in front of us as the textbook says, we all howled with joy!
We have begun to realize the experiences we are given here are very precious. We would like to keep our stay in Uganda meaningful from now on.


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