October 7th, 2017

Letter from Hawaii No3

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   We received an email from Mr. Yamada.
   “Our home-stay program ended today. I said good bye to my host family and went to high school with my host brother Yuta. Today was “Home coming day”, so each class was only 30 minutes long. The classes were so different from those in Japan; in some classes, they need to use smart phones and computers during the class! At school Yuta was very kind and helped me a lot. I was willing to speak a lot in English, it was very difficult for me to understand natural English.
Today we also visited Hawaii University. I had conversations with some intern students and some staff members in the Japan Research Center. After that we visited the Japanese Garden in the campus. Hawaii University was so big and I was amazed!
   In the end, we had time with Ehime Kenjinkai, a group of Japanese people related to Ehime prefecture. We did special performancew at the presentation, which they seemed to have enjoyed a lot.
Tomorrow we will have our main presentation event. I am a bit nervous but will do my best to express my own opinions.”



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