August 4th, 2017

Letter from Hawaii No5

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   Today’s letter from Hawaii is written by Haruna Nakamoto, a 1st-year student.

“Today, on July 27th, we had an activity called “interchange”, in which we communicated with University students in English. Each of them had a very unique individually!
   In the activity, we first made groups, with each group having one University student and two or three Matsuyama Higashi students. Each group was given a chart respectively, which had a different color on the left and a theme to talk about on the right. We then were given chocolates with different colors, which decided on a topic we had to talk about.
   Through this activity I realized I need to practice English much more. But since our team’s university student was very kind, she smiled when I talked, and talked slowly to us. That is why we were able to talk more comfortably, which helped us concentrate on developing English skill! Also, it was great fun to learn slang expressions, since we never learn them from our usual lessons at school.
   Through these experiences, we are developing listening skills and acquiring useful knowledge we can make use of abroad!”


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