May 3rd, 2017

City Fieldwork in Matsuyama

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   On Thursday April 27th, our 1st-year students went on City Fieldwork in Matsuyama. They visited the “Birthplace of Akiyama Brothers” and “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”.
   In the “Birthplace of Akiyama Brothers”, students listened to the explanations by the staff about Akiyama Brothers, the famous brothers who were both excellent military officers in WW1. The students deepened their understanding about the two brothers, Yoshifuru and Saneyuki Akiyama.
   At the “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”, students had a chance to see the displays about Shiki Masaoka, Akiyama Brothers and their surroundings, and learned a lot.
   Two hours was too short to learn everything, but it was a meaningful fieldwork. We greatly appreciate all the members of Tokiwa Landman Organization and the staff of the “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum” for attending our students.


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