April 17th, 2017

New start of our SGH program

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   The SGH programs for the first-year students have started!
The first-year students experienced their first SGH program on April 13. They had two lectures in the gym, one by our music teacher Mr. Naoto Matsuda and the other one by the rep. of NEXT CONEXION Mr. Hirotaka Ochi.
   Mr. Matsuda talked about the school song, famous people related to Matsuyama Higashi, and his own feelings as an alumnus.
   Mr. Ochi gave a speech as part of the citizenship education titled “Let’s talk about the society to come.” In his speech he explained that there are viewpoints in politics and society that can maximize the benefits of welfare and that respect the freedom of individuals. He also went on to say that it is important to learn how to select the best answer out of lots of choices by sharing various ideas together. The students learned the basic ideas necessary as sovereign citizens.


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