March 15th, 2017

Win award on Nikkei Stock League AGAIN!

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   From our school, two teams attended at the 17th Nikkei Stock League. One team won the Highest Award for High School participants! The other team also was elected as one of the 88 awarded out of the1618 teams that participated. It is surprising that our school has won a prize again, two years in a row! We greatly appreciate those companies who cooperated through making a report, and both Nikkei Inc. and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. for giving students a great opportunity for studying about stock investments.

      Final Results
      Highest Award for High School
         Title : Life ☓ Technique “Biomimetics which connects life and technique’

         Title : FAGE! Come in Young! We will open the future of investments!

   Finally we want to give a great applause to both team members! You have made a great effort even though you have so many activities, club and studying to do!


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