March 4th, 2017

Research presentation has ended

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   On March 2nd, we had Research Presentation in our school’s Gymnasium.
   The presentation started with a piano played by Higashi student. The first presentation was about neonatal care in Ehime, by 1st grade group. Then, there was a speech from two graduates, who just graduated the day before. Both talked about how it was in the SGH program for three years and how it affected their career options.
   Then, there was Poster session by 1st grade students and a Symposium by 2nd grade students, conducted like an academic conference. It was awesome to see 109 posters hanging and our students explaining about them sometimes in English. It was very hard challenge to do the Symposium since it was our first time and completely put on by students only! But gradually, students cooperated, it ended well.
   The last presentation was about Uganda field work. It was very easy to understand what they learned through the field work, even in English. We could easily imagine how hard they tried to improve the presentation.
   This school year’s SGH program is over, but starting next month, a new stage will start. We are looking forward to all students’ continuing growth!


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