February 6th, 2017

Attending at Model United Nations in Tamagawa

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   On Feb 4th and 5th, 6 members of our SGH club joined to the Tamagawa Model United Nations at the Tamagawa Academy in Tokyo. (As many of you know, Model United Nations is a simulation of United Nations to develop negotiation skill and knowledge about International Problems by participating as a representative of country to argue, negotiate, and adopt a resolution.)
   The first day was listening to people working at International Societies, like Ms. Akiko Taguchi, the director of the ILO Office for Japan. It was very exciting and able to learn a lot. The Second day was the main event, having a Model United Nations. This year’s theme was to “child labor”, and our students stand as a representative of Columbia and Iraq. We learned the difficulty of making an agreement within a different country’s opinions because of different backgrounds. It was also hard to negotiate with such different countries.


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