December 29th, 2016

SGH Forum in Tokyo

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   On December 26th and 27th, there was the First SGH Forum at Tokyo, Ochanomizu University. From our school, Mr. Kato and Mr. Yonago joined.
   The Forum was held at 26th, started with a keynote lecture from Professor Shunya Yoshimi, vice president of Tokyo University, about “What is the intellectual of humanities studies?” . Then, there was English discussion made by representative SGH students, followed by introduction of 4 top valued SGH program.
   On 2nd day, there was a meeting for SGH teachers. There was a lecture from Professor Shinobu Yamaguchi about “Educational policies done in 10 Asia and Pacific countries for growing 21st century type skill#148;, report and explanation from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and explanation of next TOBITATE Japan project. After lunch, a report from each SGH school and panel discussion was held. Then, 8 subcommittee meeting was held by top 8 valuable SGH programs, including our school! Our teacher Mr. Kato and Mr. Yonago did an presentation about Matuyama Higashi#146; s SGH program, and answered to the questions in front of 30 audiences. Amazingly, many teachers had interest to local public SGH program, and so the meeting was also meaningful to our teachers also. Great time in Tokyo!


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