November 21st, 2016

Letter from Michigan No2

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   Ms. Arima, a second grade student who is now studying in Michigan USA since August, sent us a letter, so let me introduce it.
   “3 months has just passed today in here at USA. Now I am used to school life, and spending fulfilling days. On October 31st, there was a Halloween and also November 8th was the presidential election.
   At the night of Halloween, I visited each house nearby with my schoolmates and host families. I was able to feel in touch with the neighbors. Since it was the biggest event in this place for me, I was so excited!
   About 2 weeks before the election, many students discussed and argued during lunch time about the election. Sometimes it ended up to actual fight as the discussion heated up, which amazed me since I never saw such situation in Japan. I was very stimulated at high school students, who don’t have the right to vote, thinking seriously about the future of USA and even more, having each own opinion toward it. I really understand the importance of clearly expressing your own opinion to others. I feel very glad lucky to be here in the USA at this time of election, once in 4 years, and even more, a historical election.
   As for the after school activity, I was joining the soccer team since September. Unfortunately it is now close season, so I am planning to join volunteer of medical cares.
   I want challenge more and more in the rest 6 months!”


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