November 15th, 2016

Introducing Japanese elementary school events

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   On November 12th, a special event called “Let’s get to know about unique Japanese school events!” was held at Matsuyama International Center (MIC). This event was planned by our research project class of Ms Shimamura, for parents from overseas whose children is going at the school in Matsuyama, to introduce school events and solve questions.
   At the event, there were over 30 people some from Indonesia or China, including children. Before half was a presentation from our students about the introduction of school events in Japan, and rest of the time was used for Q&As.
   So many questions, like “I don’t understand what to buy from the belonging list given from the school”, “Since my child cannot speak much Japanese, she was put in a 1st grade class although she is much older, which is uncomfortable for her. Why does that happen?”, “How do we pay for the stay over trip, at once or dividedly?”, and others were asked. We realized how they are feeling difficulty on sending children to school. Students answered sometimes with the help of the staff of Nihongo-chonai-kai. Very meaningful discussion was made.
   Students will sum up this experience with further research and make presentation at March.


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