November 14th, 2016

Letter from Germany No4

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   Today is the last day to study at Freiburg. We all are in good condition!
   We first rental bicycle and run through the cycling road. It was bad weather these days, including today, but a miracle had happened! The hour we rode on the bicycle, sun shown up within the blue sky! We had fun running on the cycling road, only part of all 430 meters. There also was a cycling road running in between car road, or even a highway for bicycles! We also enjoyed the crisp cool wind and the sight of the city.
   Then we visited Freiburg University, and ate lunch at the cafeteria. We walked through the University and its library, and saw many students studying hard even in the Saturday.
   At last, we visited two museums, Uniseum Freiburg, a museum in Freiburg University, and Augustiner Museum. We learned the role universities had in the Europe, and how churches involved to Freiburg.
   Our last dinner at Germany was taken at the German restaurant. Eating meats of deer, boar, and rabbit, we thank to the gifts given by the Black Forest.
   We will leave Germany tomorrow. Until we arrive at Matsuyama, we will keep taking care of our condition.


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