November 12th, 2016

A class about Infectious disease especially for passengers

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   On November 7th, there was a class for 2nd grade SG course students about “Infectious disease especially for passengers”. The teacher was Ms. Aki Kato, a doctor of Health Services Center in Ehime University.
   In the class she taught us about 5 main ways to get a dangerous disease, taking from mouth through water and food, coming from bugs, by touching animals, getting hurt or injury, or through air (droplet infection). She described each ways with the method of preventing and points to care about.
   In our school, since 2014 when we were certified as one of the SGH schools, about 160 students are visiting countries abroad. Some class includes students going abroad for over 50%. Until today, there was no one who caught serious disease, but we should not feel it safe, and always be careful.


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