September 25th, 2016

3rd grade has done their research presentation

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   On Sep 21st, there was a presentation from SG course 3rd grade students, during the school festival. This is the grand sum of each student’s research, total of 2 and half years (or one and half years since selecting SG course).
   There was one presentation done during the festival’s opening ceremony, and other representative presentations, done by one or more students of each group, were held at the class room.
   The presentation at the opening ceremony was about “Thinking of relativity between mercury concentration in the hair and PM2.5”, which showed data of mercury concentration of some students in Matsuyama Higashi, and explained some hypothesis of its cause. The presentation was well done, very kindly explained, and also many good questions were made.
   After the ceremony, we used 3 class rooms to present other researches. Looking at each presenter explaining proudly in front of audience (students, parents, teachers, and university professors too) and answering politely to the questions, we strongly realized their growth.

   This presentation was the last event for 3rd grade, the first students of attending SGH school curriculum. The students of this grade started their school life from the announcement “we are SGH from now” at their Entrance Ceremony, and they were the first to experience everything. Even though they didn’t expect such curriculum at the entrance exam, they proved our hope one by one. There was no way in front of them, and the path they made is now the route for 1st and 2nd grade students.
   We hope that what they learned from this challenging curriculum helps their life and even leads to the great future of Japan and the World.


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