September 5th, 2016

Welcoming Home Visit

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   On September 3rd, home visit was done in several houses in Matsuyama, for the overseas students from USA visiting Ehime University. There were 5 houses from our students who joined this event. This time, each family went to hotel where overseas students are staying at 3 pm, bring them in to their home, and stay until 9 pm. Since this is a great chance to experience real Japanese life, it is very popular and enjoyed by the overseas students. It depends on the family they visited, but visitors are able to experience making food, playing games, doing fireworks, or talking together.

   Down below is comments from one of our students who invited overseas student to her home.

   My family invited Kerstyn to our house, ate dinner together. Since we wanted her to taste Japanese foods, we made Onigiri with Umeboshi in it, Yakisoba, and Takoyaki. When we asked “can you eat this?”, she answered “I’ll try everything” and she really did it. We spent the time after dinner playing fireworks, ate cake, and talked a lot. She was saying that it was her first time eating Takoyaki and play Senko Hanabi. She also explained about her hometown Chicago, her family and others. At the time of leaving, she was almost crying, I felt very sad. We promised to send letter, and surprisingly she said “I and my family are friends of yours now”, so I am looking forward to meet her again!
   After spending time with her, I thought that this experience was very good for my study. Making a chance to experience using English with a native speaker leads to a good motivation for learning English. I think we should aggressively make opportunity to speak, even you are afraid of your English skill.


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