August 13th, 2016

Participating at Japan Future Leaders School

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   One of our students participated at the Japan Future Leaders School from July 24th to August 6th, in Fukuoka Prefecture. Below are words from the student.
   “During this 2 weeks school, we heard from many teachers including Mr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, who was a former president of Malaysia. We also experienced a Miso soup contest, paint decorating of Arita-yaki, a traditional Japanese pottery, and others. Every day I was amazed and impressed.
   The most impressive activity was “Asia High School Summit (AHS)”. In this AHS, we (194 students) separated into 14 groups, and each group needed to discuss about problems and its solution of the given theme. My group’s theme was “information”. We discussed so many times before the last presentation. During the discussion, we sometimes had opposite opinions which led to conflict and the group seemed to depart, I wanted to gave up this activity. But since we all worked together in patience, and never give up until the end, we were able to win the top prize at the presentation!
   Through this school I was able to have a special unforgettable memory and friends. After this school, we cannot get together so easily since students are from all around Japan, even from Asia overseas. Even though, they all are special friends, I will move toward my dream believing we can meet again in the future beyond our dreams. I am happy I was able to participate in this Japan Future Leaders School.”


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