August 6th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No20

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   This is the last day to spend in Hawaii, so we took time together with Uwajima Minami Secondary School students for summarizing the study tour.
   As a first activity, we made groups of 5 to share each comments about their 2 weeks of stay in Hawaii. Comments included what you learned, what impressed you the most, how you changed, and others. At last, the representative of each group shared group’s comments to others.
   In the next activity, Uwajima Minami students introduced the places they visited other than the class in English. They did well, as well as our students through asking questions. Our school students also made presentation about Hawaii, its language, famous tourism spots, and Hawaii University including researched information from the internet. Every presentation was very simple with good combination of researched information and their own experiences. It must be very informative for other students too.
   In the end, we took pictures at the roof terrace where we can see the Diamond Head. The students face shows no regret, full of satisfaction!


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