July 8th, 2015

Arrival of Mr. Guenter Burger, Director of International Affairs and Protocol Department in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

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    Today, Mr. Guenter Burger, the Director of International Affairs and Protocol Department of Freiburg, Germany, visited our school.
He visited Japan to participate on a ceremony to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Germany and Japan, held in Tokyo. Since Matsuyama have a sister city relationship with Freiburg, he has taken time to visit Matsuyama, and visited Matsuyama Higashi because we are working on SGH program.
    As soon as he arrived, our head master welcomed, gave some gifts, and then he took time to see Meikyoukan and History Room. After it, welcome party has been held with students of Sado (tea ceremony) club, Kyudo (Japanese archery) club, SGH club, and some SGH course. Sado club presented procedure for making tea, SGH club presented about our school and what has the club doing, SG course showed their research project, and Kyudo club presented the basic method of Japanese archery, all in English. During Kyudo club’s presentation, Cristel, our oversea study student from Norway as well as a member of Kyudo club took turn to explain each point.
    Mr. Burger also explained to students about an environmental policy, an energy policy, and a traffic policy done in Freiburg, which was very informative. When we took time for Q&A, it became a very global communication time, where Japanese and English and German going over, by the help of translator.
    When we told him that we are planning to visit Freiburg as a International Field Work on November, he said, “Please come to our office since we have many documents about environments and others” Field work in Germany also seems to be more fulfilled!

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