July 28th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No9

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   With the members who deserved, we visited Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. The gallery in the center chronicles the history, from the 1800s to today, and legacy of the Japanese Americans from the first immigrants to statehood. There were many documents, pictures, and tools which enables us to imagine what it was like when first immigrants was there. We also understand that immigrants started with a very hard work in the farms, gradually rooted in the community, and contributed not only to Japanese-Hawaiian community but to Hawaii’s economy and education. The words of the immigrants were also introduced, which stroke our heart.

   While looking around in the gallery, students were taking time reading English explanations neatly. When I asked them the impressive point, most students answered that the idea of first immigrants taking priority on the education for children to success in America, rather than their own living was the most.


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