May 9th, 2016

What it is to experience a different culture

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   On May 2nd, students of the SG course in 2nd grade had a class titled “What it is to experience a different culture ~to think of yourself as a foreigner”. This class was done by Mr. Kazuhiro Murakami, a teacher in Center for International Education, settled in Ehime University’s Institute for International Relations.
   Mr. Murakami told that to experience a different culture is a “fresh experience” and “new stimulation” in both good and bad meaning. It gives you many knowledge and feeling, as well as tiredness and stress before you realizes them. So it is important to take a rest as soon as possible. It is very important to look around carefully when you act in foreign countries reminding “it’s not worth risking one’s life”.
   Students were able to learn how to maintain own health and to have a meaningful, safe activity when in abroad.


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