April 23rd, 2016

The world which Akiyama Brothers has entered

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   On April 21st, 1st grade students listened to a lecture titled “The world which Akiyama Brothers has entered” done by Mr. Ryoji Utsunomiya, alumnus and the director of Tokiwa Landman Organization. Tokiwa Landman Organization is known as a managing organization of Akiyama Brothers Birth Place.
   He has taught students who Akiyama Brothers are, how they learned from abroad and expressed them in Japan, and what we can learn from the brothers’ especially the leader’s humanity. In the last, he encouraged the students “you all will be a leading person within 10 years”, “what you need is to cover many information by yourself and analyze them”, “please cultivate your humanity and strengthen your capacity of endurance”.
   Students seemed interested at Mr. Utsunomiya’s lecture they asked many questions to him.


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