March 26th, 2016

A letter from New York Final

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   Our students safely came back from New York this morning. Here is comment of each student.

   “In this NY study tour, I had a chance to visit NY office of Nikkei America Inc., and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. During the visit, I heard about the US election, U.S. economy, and the problems within. Every topic was very interesting since it was stories from the people working in the middle of global economy, and believe it or not, I am in the place!
   Through the tour, I realized that each news topic is linked and involved with other topics and that relation occurs to the current situation. I thought it important to have interest in the world news and think how it is affecting to other news, rather than listening to Japan’s news only.”

   “The most memorable experience during this tour was the meeting with students of the Passaic Valley High School. I couldn’t answer simple questions, I felt a huge language barrier. But using internet as a translator, I was able to communicate with them and it was very meaningful for me.
   Also, the visit to the New York Stock Exchange was memorable, since it was a place I can only see in the TV show. I will never forget the moment standing in the NYSE hearing the closing bell.”

   “For me, the most impressive visit was a tour in the United Nations. Since I am interested in working as an international servant, visiting United Nations was a lot more emotional than just learning at school. I was impressed with the depth of relationship between each country, which reminded me of the world so big.
   While visiting NY office of Mitsubishi Corporation, we had a chance to hear from our alumna, which was very lucky. Talking about local story in such a global place was weird, but I realized the greatness of Matsuyama Higashi High School by looking at our alumna working globally.
At last, I would like to thank all who accompanied, it was with your help we could spend a wonderful time. Thank you very much. ”


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