March 3rd, 2016

Win a Highest Award in Nikkei Stock League!

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   The final result of the Nikkei Stock League was presented in its web site. (CLICK to go to the web site) (What is Nikkei Stock League? Check the blog page on 2016-2-23).

   Gradually, one of our school team has won the Highest Award!
   Among the awarded 89 teams from the applied 1429 teams, there were 9 teams which were specially awarded. The 9 teams were award as

   Highest Award (1 team)
   Highest Award for Middle School (1 team)
   Highest Award for High School (1 team)
   Highest Award for College (1 team)
   Fighting Spirit Award (3 teams)
   Special Award from Judging Committee (2 teams)

   As you can see, the Highest Award is the highest among all Middle School, High School and College teams who applied, so no doubt it is an honorable award!
   The team has gathered on May 2015, selected the theme during summer vacation, and put effort on making the stock report after school. They have asked to 32 companies, to make the report. They will attend the ceremony on March 12, and will be going to New York as a winner prize from March 20th till 25th!

Information of the applied numbers of Nikkei Stock League

             Middle      High      College      Total
School      17         105         122           244
Team        66         691         672         1429
Students   258      2668        2661        5587

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