February 23rd, 2016

Win an award on Nikkei Stock League

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   Our school’s teams had won an award on 16th Nikkei Stock League.
   Nikkei Stock League is a contest of stock investment for students provided by Nikkei Inc. (a company providing newspaper which focuses on economics). This contest includes learning program about stock investment. Participants will study about stock investment by making an original investment fund.
   On this year’s Nikkei Stock League, 2 teams have participated from our school, and both teams have won an award throughout whole 1429 teams, from all over the country. It took many time and steps to make up the report, which include questioning to companies and Universities and reading many data like financial reports. Both teams were able to finish the report because of their unity and soul of Matsuyamahigashi. The last word of the report “our movement will make a better future” has a deep meaning and reality since it’s the last sentence of a report made of 20,000 words.


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