February 6th, 2016

Making a meal for refugee camp

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   On Feb 4th, at the research class of Mr. Narabayashi, students made a meal; a special menu for people in the refugee camp. The reason why they cooked is because it is part of their research program. In this class all students worked on the research since September under the theme of “Rrational problems in the community of nations ~Mainly about refugee probrem~”. As a part of research, students pointed to the food of refugee and decided to make a menu and cook them.
>   Students parted in to several groups and made a wide variety of meals. Soup with curry taste, meal like a rice gruel, a soup using a mix of stew, and others. They are all cheap, easy to cook, rich in nutrients, and easy to eat.
   Learning about refugee camp and thinking about them while cooking, seemed to be a different experience for each student, not like cooking in Home Science class or at home.


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